GRID Legends is coming to macOS, native to Apple Silicon

GRID Legends is coming to macOS, native to Apple Silicon

Sim racing fans on macOS, rejoice, GRID Legends is coming your way. Hello… is anyone there?

Yesterday (6th June), Apple held its yearly Worldwide Developers Conference, and this time around alongside a slew of iPadOS, password security and iPhone webcam announcements was, surprisingly, an update on EA and Codemaster’s racing game GRID Legends.

It turns out that the title already on PlayStation, Xbox and PC via Steam will be available for Apple devices using macOS later this year.

At the WWDC event, the Cupertino-based tech giant revealed a new version of Apple’s graphics API, Metal 3. This will, in theory, allow for smoother transitions from PC to Mac.

It then showcased No Man’s Sky, Resident Evil Village and GRID Legends as three popular titles that will make their way across.

Apple also announced its next line of custom silicone – the M2 chip. According to The Verge, the M2 uses Apple’s custom Arm silicon for an 18 per cent faster CPU and 35 per cent quicker GPU inside when compared to the existing M1.

Porsche 911 GT3, GRID Legends

Now, this is where it gets a little tricky. GRID Legends hasn’t been ported with the new M2 hardware in mind, yet, but in fact, has been designed to run on the existing M1 natively.

The conversion has been done by established macOS, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android and Nintendo Switch porting studio Feral Interactive.

The choice of racing games available specifically for macOS is slim at best, but GRID Legends will join GRID Autosport, art of rally and DiRT 4 on the platform.

GRID Legends was initially released in February 2022 and featured returning cars and tracks from the GRID series, plus new locations, hop-in online multiplayer and the Driven to Glory narrative. There’s no date on the macOS version as it stands.

GRID Legends is coming to macOS, native to Apple Silicon